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Content Creation

Digital Marketing today is fueled by having relevant and interesting content that is useful to your customers and is easily found across the search engines, social media and elsewhere. This content tells your customers who you are and what your business stands for, which can help build trust with them over time.

Analytics and Marketing Strategy

It’s important to not only create relevant, interesting and valuable content for your customers but also distribute it across the appropriate channels where they are most active. One of the strategies I employ is an outreach program to blogs and media outlets. I currently contribute to channels like The Huffington Post, NYTimes e.t.c, and I know how effective it is.


Are you looking for a relatable speaker that delivers actionable advice? Then you’ve taken the first of a lot of right steps in coming here. I’m Lanre Onibalusi and I’d love to speak at your event.

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Little about me

I am a Digital Marketing Expert/Consultant with almost a decade worth of experience

Lanre Onibalusi

I am a Digital Marketing Expert/Consultant with almost a decade worth of experience. A huge part of my expertise involves research, writing and public speaking. Some of my writings can be seen on LifeHack, HuffingtonPost among others.

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